The musical concept of FALLEN SENTINEL is based in the creation of orchestral ambiences, supported by the work of two keyboard players, harmonically and melodically supplemented with the strenght and technique of the riffs and the virtuosity of the bass and guitar solos, and the powerful elegance of the drums. The male/female vocal duality achieves an original effect, perfectly assembled with the complexity and majesty of the music that could be called “Gothic/Symphonic/Progressive Metal”.

In almost 15 years of live shows, the sextet has shared the stage with globally famous bands such as Cradle of Filth (UK), Overkill (USA) Gamma Ray (Germany), Immortal (Norway) Cynic (USA), Primal Fear (Germany), 3 Inches of Blood (Canada), Eternal Mourning (Portugal) Suidakra (Germany), Exodus (USA), Draconian (Sweden) and Primordial (Ireland), playing at fests such as Alternavigo 2008, Kanya a Sant Climent 2008, Gallaecian Metal Fest 2007, Revoltallo 2000/01/03 and at renowned halls like Hard Club (Porto – Portugal) and Ritmo y Compas (Madrid – Spain), among others.

Currently the band is working in the mixing process of the new album “The Main Soul”, after the recording of all the tracks at “Kastell von Pahlomen” studios in Vigo (Spain), to be out in stores on April, 2015.

That’s just following the successful live presentation in several cities in Spain and Portugal of the songs from “Perpetual”, their latest album to date. It was also promoted with a video for “Lilith”, the fifth song from the album, which has been well received both in its packed-out party in Vigo as on the internet, taking thousands of hits on Youtube in a few weeks and being linked to hundreds of pages of Facebook users.

Perpetual” is an album of 8 songs recorded in “O Son of Abaixo” (Vigo) by Alberto Sisto, mixed at Metropolis Music Studios (Vigo) by Rubén Alonso and mastered in Organised Rhyme (Brighton – UK) by Chris Daniels.

The listener can appreciate the band’s compositional taste and wealth of nuances in both the musical side and the lyricist, getting into the depth of the human mind and soul and being taken to a world of loneliness, innocence, pain, beauty and melancholy.

Its 20-page booklet in full color is a true work of art by Laura Comesaña, with stunning illustrations that lead to a disturbing reflection that is the central idea of the record: If we see the light when we die, will we see the darkness if we are reborn?

This work caught the attention of the Spanish edition of “Metal Hammer”, who devoted a lengthy interview of two pages to the band in June 2011.

This new success is preceded by the prestige gained with “Eternity and Before” (2004), recorded and mixed at Elite Estudios (Vigo – Spain) by Néstor Alonso, as the reward for being the winners in the contest “I Revoltallo-Cidade de Vigo”, where they competed with 18 other bands from all over the North-West of Spain. This work received rave reviews from the public and critics, both domestic (maximum possible score in the top-selling metal magazine in Spain: “Heavy Rock”) and international (Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Germany, Holland, Italy, Greece…).

Fallen Sentinel Line Up

Fallen Sentinel Line Up



Rubén Alonso – Bass / Vocals

David Zarandón – Guitars

Alejandro Melchor “Mou” – Guitars

Laura Comesaña – Keyboards / Vocals

Laura Zapatero – Keyboards

Adrián Hernández “Krecho” – Drums